Harmon Speaks on Cybersecurity at Roundtable Event

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Seattle Partner Bill Harmon participates in a cyber security roundtable event at the University of Washington School of Law on Cybercrime for the Trademark Practitioner in Seattle on October 28. The event is sponsored by the International Trademark Association.

Cybercrime continues to grow as a major concern for businesses that maintain sensitive client information; a 2015 PwC report indicates “a record 1 billion data records were compromised in 2014.”  Cybercriminals exploit the trust and goodwill associated with popular brands, sending links to malware disguised as legitimate requests from well-known companies.  

Harmon’s roundtable event covers the legal landscape surrounding these threats, including businesses’ data security and privacy obligations. The group discusses incident response planning, threat modeling, and client engagement strategies to minimize risk, as well as proactive measures that brand holders and clients can take to disrupt the hackers.

Harmon’s practice focuses on intellectual property, cyber security litigation and counseling. He came to Shook after more than a decade in Microsoft’s legal department, where he oversaw a cybercrime investigation center with malware labs and sinkhole systems to study and take down botnets that control millions of malware-infected computers. He drove worldwide licensing of a cloud-based botnet threat intelligence service that detected computers infected with malware and prevented them from undertaking malicious acts.

Harmon also served as an Assistant General Counsel in Microsoft’s Patent Litigation Group, General Manager for Microsoft’s Global Standards Team, and Assistant General Counsel in Microsoft’s Intellectual Property and Licensing Group.