Elizabeth represents manufacturers of pharmaceuticals, medical devices, food, beverages and pet food in class actions and multidistrict litigation. As a former law clerk for the Hon. Beth Phillips of the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Missouri, Elizabeth is familiar with all aspects of litigation in federal courts, and has developed a strong understanding of effective legal writing to a judicial audience. She taps into her experience with federal procedure and motion practice to better serve her clients in complex litigation.

Elizabeth's undergraduate degree in mass communication enhanced her interest in managing brand image not only in dealing with litigation but also in counseling clients on strategies to avoid litigation. Her interest in media perception leads her to consider the impact of litigation beyond the legal proceedings and to take a holistic approach in advising clients.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Elizabeth worked as a paralegal in two small firms in Kansas City. She has been actively involved in legal practice since 2005 and participated in multiple trials both as a paralegal and a law clerk. Her interest in justice extends to her commitment to assisting pro bono clients.


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