Daniel has more than 20 years of experience as a litigation attorney and consultant on legal issues relating to digital information. He has handled complex commercial litigation in a wide range of areas, including breach-of-contract litigation involving multimillion-dollar asset purchase agreements, arbitrations relating to agreements for the production of petrochemicals, class actions related to motor vehicle financing, product liability lawsuits, injunctive actions to enforce covenant-not-to-compete agreements, responses to Federal Trade Commission enforcement actions and trials involving international patent disputes.

Daniel has also represented major energy clients in government investigations and litigation involving power, natural gas and natural gas liquids trading activities, including inquiries from the Department of Justice, Securities and Exchange Commission, Commodity Futures Trading Commission, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission and the Public Utility Commission of Texas. He has worked on state and federal appeals as well as submissions to the Texas Supreme Court and U.S. Supreme Court.

Daniel previously served as vice president and deputy general counsel for Guidance Software, Inc., where he managed a team of attorneys responsible for consulting with commercial and public sector organizations on eDiscovery, data security and records management initiatives. Daniel worked closely with Fortune 500 companies and major government entities to address compliance and discovery challenges relating to the management of digital information.

As part of Shook’s Data and Discovery Strategies Practice, Daniel advises clients on legal issues involving electronic information, including eDiscovery, information governance, data privacy, data security and records management. He has been a senior advisor for the E-Discovery Institute (EDI) and has served as a Council Member for the State Bar of Texas Computer and Technology Section. Daniel lectures and publishes in numerous forums on litigation, eDiscovery, records management, privacy and data security.

Representative Matters

Commercial Litigation. Daniel represents companies in disputes arising from commercial activities. His experience includes:

  • assisting in the successful resolution of a commercial dispute relating to the purchase of a $40-million radio station;
  • representing an asphalt manufacturer and owner in a commercial dispute relating to oil well investments against a well-known Arkansas energy exploration company;
  • defending a major automotive financial institution in a class action alleging violations of the Texas Insurance Code;
  • representing a hospital system in a class action alleging price discrimination;
  • representing a broker-dealer in a securities fraud action relating to a private offering in the airline industry;
  • assisting in an arbitration trial relating to an alleged breach of agreement for the production of polyols by a chemical manufacturer for an international pharmaceutical company;
  • defending banking and finance defendants in a class action alleging discrimination in the charging of vehicle pricing and interest rates;
  • representing a federal credit union in proceedings to enforce a covenant-not-to-compete against a  former employee; and
  • representing a financial services firm in Enron Securities fraud class action litigation.

Intellectual Property. Daniel has represented companies in intellectual property litigation, including claims of trade secrets and patent infringement. His work includes:

  • obtaining an adverse inference instruction in a fracking technologies trade secrets dispute against former employees and a defendant corporation for failure to preserve relevant emails after the commencement of litigation; and
  • representing a South Korean electronics manufacturing company in a series of patent infringement trials in the Eastern District of Texas relating to a DRAM manufacturing cross-licensing dispute.

Product Liability. Daniel represents companies in the automotive and chemical industries in product liability litigation. His work includes:

  • assisting as trial counsel in a product liability action involving a wrongful death claim against a major automobile manufacturer following a vehicle fire;
  • defending a chemical manufacturer in a suit by a dry cleaner company against equipment manufacturers and chemical companies alleging perchloroethylene contamination of properties; and
  • representing a chemical manufacturer in a product liability action relating to the use of DBCP pesticide on banana farms in Costa Rica.  

Government Investigations and Litigation. Daniel has also provided counsel to his clients during government investigations and ensuing litigation. His experience includes:

  • representing a major energy company in a series of investigations and litigation relating to the trading of power, natural gas and natural gas liquids; and
  • representing a website media company in injunctive proceedings by the Federal Trade Commission relating to telemarketing activities.  

Appeals. When necessary, Daniel has helped his clients appeal rulings and file amicus briefs, including:

  • submitting amici curiae briefing to the Texas Supreme Court on behalf of the U.S. Chamber of Commerce, National Association of Mutual Insurance Companies and Texas Association of Business in support of a petition for writ of certiorari challenging a state court order in MDL proceedings mandating discovery production and redaction formats.
  • representing a municipality in a federal appeal against the City of Houston in a voting rights action challenging annexation; and
  • representing an asphalt manufacturer in a federal appeal and petition for writ of certiorari to the U.S. Supreme Court in a commercial dispute relating to the partial assignment of a multi-million dollar promissory note.

Data and Discovery Strategies. In addition to his frequent publications and presentations on the subject, Daniel advises clients on the eDiscovery process in complex cases. His work has included:

  • assisting an international pharmaceutical manufacturer with the review of disaster recovery media to evaluate ongoing legal hold requirements;
  • revising a Master Services Agreement template for a Fortune 500 company relating to the storage of data and the provision of SaaS offerings, as well as advising on provisions for cost-effective and legally-defensible handling of data and potential data privacy and data security vulnerabilities;
  • advising a national health care provider on data-related issues in active federal agency investigations and civil litigation, developing a case-by-case strategy for managing data issues, redeveloping the overall technical infrastructure to meet retention needs, as well as identifying potential avenues for streamlining redundant data storage practices, assessment as to status of pending legal holds and suggestions on potential remediation steps;
  • serving a secondment as interim eDiscovery counsel for an international equipment manufacturer, advising the client legal department leadership on case strategy while working with litigation counsel in response to cross-border discovery demands (e.g., EU, China, and Brazil) and advising the in-house legal department on ongoing initiatives for eDiscovery, records management and compliance;
  • conducting a preliminary process assessment for a global healthcare provider, including analyzing the collection, legal hold, processing, review and production of documents and electronic information from EU locations for U.S.-based matters as well as presenting prioritized considerations for potential process enhancements;
  • assisting an international manufacturer of agricultural, construction and forestry machinery and engines with a preferred vendor selection process for an in-house review solution, advising the client on internal needs assessment, developing benchmarks and service level agreements, navigating insurance coverage and cross-border data issues for information security and leading interdepartmental discussions to educate and enable a consensus decision on optimal solutions deployment, as well as assisting in negotiating a final master services agreement, including legal advice on security protocols for handling confidential client data; and
  • advising on the collection and processing of more than 700 terabytes of data from 800 custodians for a public-sector entity responding to discovery in a federal tort claims action relating to damages from Hurricane Katrina.

Data Security and Privacy. Daniel’s work has also included counseling clients on securing their data from attack, including:

  • advising on data privacy considerations under Canadian law for a pharmaceutical company’s North American email life-cycle project;
  • assisting a U.S. company in updating corporate protocols for data privacy requirements in the context of legal holds for countries in the EU, China, Canada, Mexico and Brazil; and
  • drafting an Interim Incident Response Plan to address potential data breaches for a corporate client.


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