Matt defends companies against product-liability cases brought across the country as individual lawsuits and class actions. In particular, Matt has worked extensively in the defense of smoking-and-health personal injury and wrongful death lawsuits from initial pleadings to post-trial motions. Moreover, Matt is a contributing author of the Missouri and Kansas Class Action Law blog, which discusses developments in class actions and complex litigation with a particular emphasis on Missouri and Kansas. Matt also advises companies about compliance with e-discovery and evidence preservation rules, and he has specific knowledge in emerging state rules about e-discovery, having recently co-authored an update to Links to State Court and Local Federal eDiscovery Rules.

Recent projects that Matt has completed for clients include:

  • designing efficient and thorough plans for discovery;
  • assisting in the management and winnowing of sizable litigation dockets;
  • analyzing document and data retention plans to promote efficient compliance with legal rules;
  • creating complex, winning arguments in briefs and evidentiary and dispositive motions; and
  • cross-examining key witnesses at trial.

Matt’s litigation credo: (1) respond promptly to all communications; (2) do each task once, quickly and accurately; (3) brainstorm often; and (4) when in doubt, investigate.

Matt regularly provides pro bono representation, spearheading civil rights litigation in federal court and counseling parents about their rights to receive Individualized Education Programs for their children.