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Success fosters insight; insight informs success. Our representative matters look beyond the immediate solution to the next challenge facing your business and industry.

Of course, past outcomes afford no guarantee of future results. Every case is different and must be judged on its own merits.

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Insight | Food, Beverage and Agribusiness

Silverman and Muehlberger Study Shows Rise of the “Food Court”

If you eat, then you are probably a member of a class action. Shook, Hardy & Bacon Partners Cary Silverman (Public Policy) and James P. Muehlberger (Class Actions and Complex Litigation) have published a study with the U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform that closely examines the products, theories, magnet jurisdictions, repeat filers, court rulings, and settlements in food marketing litigation today.

Insight | Retail

Silverman and Wilson Examine State Attorney General Enforcement of Deceptive Trade Practices Laws

There is growing concern that some state attorneys general are using Unfair and Deceptive Acts and Practices laws in ways that stray from their intended purpose of protecting consumers. Shook, Hardy & Bacon Public Policy Group Partner Cary Silverman and Pharmaceutical and Medical Device Litigation Of Counsel Jonathan Wilson have published a law review article that identifies problematic trends and proposes solutions.


European Commission Launches Consultation to Evaluate the Product Liability Directive

Producers are among those invited to provide input for an evaluation of the European law on consumer claims for defective products. Interested parties will want to keep up to date with developments because changes to the law may be proposed, depending on the outcome of the exercise.

Insight | Food, Beverage and Agribusiness

Muehlberger and Fessler Discuss Application of Primary Jurisdiction in Lawsuits Involving “Natural” Food and Beverage Claims

This Law360 article discusses the application of primary jurisdiction in lawsuits disputing “natural” claims on food and beverage products.


Oot Offers Tips for Rules-Based Advocacy in Legal Tech News

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Partner Patrick Oot has authored a Legal Tech News article that offers tips for those advocating "broader standards of proportional standards in litigation."