Havelka and Settles Address Tomato Growers’ Takings Claim Ruling in Law360 Article

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Senior Associate Ann Peper Havelka and Associate Jara Settles have co-authored an article titled “FDA Warning Isn’t Enough Proof for Takings Claim” published on October 17, 2014, by Law360. The authors discuss a recent Court of Federal Claims ruling that rebuffed a takings claim filed by tomato growers who alleged that a 2008 Food and Drug Administration (FDA) warning about a Salmonella outbreak purportedly associated with certain raw red tomatoes caused tomato sales to decline dramatically. The outbreak was eventually linked to Mexican peppers. The article concludes that while the plaintiffs may have focused on the wrong argument to support their claims, the ruling “should prevent a flood of takings claims in the wake of garden-variety governmental warnings,” which, the authors contend, will allow FDA the flexibility it needs to protect public health.