Litigation costs can mount quickly. Alternative dispute resolution can be an efficient method of reaching an agreement between parties without a lengthy, costly trial. As a founding member of the Conflict Prevention & Resolution (CPR) Institute for Dispute Resolution, Shook, Hardy & Bacon boasts skilled mediators and arbitrators who bring years of litigation experience to the dispute resolution table. 

The members of Shook’s Arbitration and ADR team have served in both court-mandated and voluntary mediation and acted as arbitrators under various promulgated and ad hoc rules, such as the rules of the American Arbitration Association, National Association of Securities Dealers, Inc. and New York Stock Exchange. We have also handled pre-suit ADR, during which a neutral supervises the exchange of documents, witness interviews and the expert presentation to the litigants, before engaging in traditional mediation. For example, one Shook attorney serving as the neutral under a case management order also conducted all discovery in the matter, assuming a role similar to that of a court-appointed investigator in some European courts. Under this arrangement, the neutral received “position papers” from the parties and prepared a report used as the basis for settlement.