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Information Blocking and Interoperability: The Impending Health IT Infrastructure Overhaul for Covered Entities and Business Associates

With compliance deadlines quickly approaching, covered entities and business associates alike should be cognizant of the requirements of recent Final Rules from the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services that augment longstanding HIPAA requirements. Both Rules serve to bolster interoperability and increase patient access to protected health information by imposing a variety of requirements that range from prohibiting information blocking to requiring implementation of Application Programming Interfaces. Compliance with each Rule will require substantial overhaul, especially with respect to an organization’s health information technology infrastructure.

The supplement available below provides covered entities (including healthcare providers, health plans and hospitals) and business associates (including developers of certified health IT) with insight into the purpose behind the Final Rules, a detailed explanation of each Final Rule’s key requirements, and public commentary provided by the rule-making agencies that foreshadow how these Rules may be enforced. The comprehensive supplement concludes with actionable next steps for entities to come into compliance and takes into consideration the nuances of implementing the Final Rules based on covered entity type.

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