Newstead: In Terms of Compliance, It Pays to Be Prepared

Investing time in advance preparing for potential safety compliance issues helps toy manufacturers react quickly when an issue arises and allows them to return their focus faster to their core business, according to a recent article from Shook Partner/Solicitor Alison Newstead.

Newstead authored an article in the March 2023 issue of Toy World Magazine titled “In Terms of Compliance, It Pays to Be Prepared” in which she highlights the importance of advance compliance planning.

Newstead offers six tips for toy manufacturers, including identifying a core response team.

“Think about who needs to be on board when investigating a potential issue,” she said. “The team will need to comprise those who hold key product information (designers, manufacturers, engineers, regulatory, sales, marketing), those who support decision making (e.g. PR, legal), and potentially those holding financial authority. Who and when each individual needs to be involved will depend on the factual scenario, but identifying key players now makes for smooth running in the future.”

Additionally important is identifying the ultimate decision maker, she said, noting that when difficult decisions need to be made, who has the final authority can often become unclear.

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