Lim Joins Roundtable on Global Information Governance

Shook Of Counsel Daniel Lim has participated in an expert forum, “Building a Global Information Governance & Discovery Programme – Leadership & Strategy,” for the July-September 2019 issue of Corporate Disputes. Lim answers several questions about the importance of a discovery program, potential technical issues to be addressed in the establishment of a program and the roles that management must play in development.

Lim highlights the California Consumer Privacy Act, “which places significant requirements on for-profit entities doing business in California involving consumer data,” and notes that several other states are known for allowing “overbroad discovery, particularly for consumer product liability matters.” He also suggests that companies “should provide periodic training and updates on the appropriate use of corporate data systems” because “most employees do not receive training on use of corporate information systems beyond their initial on-boarding.”
“Parties should keep in touch with business users as to the information systems they are using,” Lim states. “They should also use proportionality principles to guide ongoing document preservation and retention policies. For new and existing business applications, consider how the legal department can retrieve and process relevant information efficiently, in the event of a legal matter.”