Wajert Advises Associates on Avoiding Blunders in Law360

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Philadelphia Managing Partner Sean Wajert gives advice to law firm associates in a September 14 Law360 article. The article gives examples of blunders that are common for associates entering law firms. 

Because partners are constantly watching associates’ reactions to gauge maturity, commitment and understanding of client matters, there are certain excuses and phrases that associates should learn to leave out of their vocabulary. 

Wajert tackles one excuse in the article, saying, "Anything along the lines of 'Sorry I missed your message' or 'I was busy and couldn't get back to you' should be avoided at all costs.”

Although Wajert notes that partners understand that associates are often busy, he also states that associates need to learn how to juggle assignments and respond promptly to partners. 

"You must return voicemails or emails from the senior attorney, no matter what time they come in, and no matter what else you are doing," Wajert said. "Most partners will try hard to respect the work/life balance that flows from their firm culture, but whatever that culture, responding quickly and being responsive is essential to success as an associate."