Wajert Describes Ideal Partner Qualities for Law360

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Philadelphia Managing Partner Sean Wajert describes what it takes to be named a law firm partner in a January 7 Law360 article, titled, “3 Signs You Aren't Ready To Be A Partner.

Wajert says that acting as a leader is the best indication an associate is ready to move up in a law firm: “It is necessary but not sufficient that they be a hardworking and a consistent producer of quality work. Ideally they should also have shown an ability to supervise and manage other lawyers: no longer the star of the team, but now becoming a player-coach of the team.”

Being a leader doesn’t just mean having great communication skills, but also making the unpopular decision, Wajert continues. In addition to being willing to make difficult decisions, partner candidates need to know how to bring clients to the firm, and how to maintain client relationships.

Wajert explains that firms expect associates to understand client and business development. “If you haven’t offered sufficient indicia of aptitude and interest in this area, you are probably not ready,” Wajert says.