Carew Quoted on Missouri Race Relations in Ingram’s Magazine

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Director of Strategic Diversity Initiatives Kori Carew discusses the state of race relations and diversity in Missouri and how companies can improve their diversity initiatives in an article titled “Diversity Directions” in the February 2016 issue of Ingram's Magazine. Shook is described by Ingram’s as a “frequent winner of awards for diversity programming innovation and achievement.”

After riots in Ferguson and student protests at the University of Missouri, race relations in Missouri were thrust into the national spotlight, with most media reports portraying the state unflatteringly. Carew says she wasn’t surprised by the national media attention. 

“Speaking for myself and many that I know and work with, we do not see this as something that is new. It’s been brought to light because we live at a time where information is shared so much more readily. But this isn’t a Missouri issue; it’s a national issue.”

The article briefly covers the evolution of corporate diversity efforts through the years, starting with affirmative action and civil rights laws, to programming, up to identifying the business case for diversity.

Carew explains how Shook’s success at addressing diversity and inclusion includes having honest discussions around current events, something that can be challenging, difficult and uncomfortable. 

“One of the things I do in terms of these [discussion] programs is, we don’t get into matters of who is right and who is wrong,” Carew says. “What we do is focus on the underlying issues and the various perspectives that may lead people to feel why they feel the way they do.”

Describing the vulnerability that managers and employees must embrace for effective communication, Carew says, “It’s OK to try on a different perspective. You may come to a table believing one particular thing. To be able to be honest, when someone shares their perspective it may hurt, but you may need to say it hurts, and explore the reasons why.”