Robinson Quoted by Law360 on Common Mistakes Made by Young Attorneys

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Orange County Managing Partner Doug Robinson provides insight on “5 Mistakes Young Product Liability Attorneys Make” in a May 23 Law360 article.

Discussing the importance of understanding the product in question, Robinson says, “I think a lot of younger attorneys tend to jump right into their assignment without fully learning about the product’s uses and history and the information provided with the product.”

The article also addresses wasting time on “unusable depositions,” looking at cases from a short-term perspective, not paying close enough attention to evidence and neglecting a home-life balance. As Robinson notes, “Oftentimes warnings claims are the easiest claims to get to the jury and the easiest claim for the jury to hang their hat on in terms reaching a verdict, because typically the plaintiff will say, ‘If I would have known something different, I would have taken a different action.’”