Robinson Quoted in Law360 on Successful Product Liability Lawyers

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Orange County Managing Partner Doug Robinson is among several prominent attorneys quoted in an August 19 Law360 article, “5 Signs You’re Not Suited to be a Product Liability Lawyer.”

Robinson first observes that an essential part of practicing product liability law involves having a good grasp of math and science, as the practice requires attorneys to work with experts in order to understand how certain products are made and used.

Also noting that many cases involve grisly injuries or deaths, Robinson explains, “Everyone is human, and empathy and sympathy are key traits everyone should have.” He continues, “You see some things, but you have to compartmentalize and learn the facts and how things actually happen. Just because someone is tragically injured doesn’t necessarily mean someone is at fault.”

Finally, Robinson emphasizes the importance of working well with others: “Juries can tell who is on same page and who are good teammates, and I think it makes a difference.”