Medical Device Companies Need Roadmap to Prepare for Cyberattacks, Gunawardhana Advises

Shook Of Counsel Sonali Gunawardhana co-authored the article “Medical Device Cybersecurity: Preparing For The Worst” with Chris Harvey, Director of Recall Solutions at Stericycle Expert Solutions. The article discusses the increasing risk of hacking and cybersecurity breaches associated with medical device products. Gunawardhana and Harvey offer their advice for attorneys and clients when it comes to preventing hacking. Their advice covers preparing for the inevitable, recall fatigue and information sharing.

“In the end, connected medical devices are improving the lives and survival rates of patients,” the authors said. “But in the race to innovate with technology, serious security concerns can arise when hackers choose to exploit holes in those innovations. With so many factors to consider, many manufacturers feel lost. Experts in recall prevention and preparation, in partnership with good legal counsel, can provide the roadmap necessary to protect the public and mitigate legal and regulatory risk.”