Law Week Colorado Interviews Tobón About GDPR

Shook of Counsel Camila Tobón told Law Week Colorado in an interview that companies have “really ramped up” efforts to understand and work with the European Union’s new data privacy law, the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). 

Tobón, head of the firm's International Data Privacy Task Force, said in "The GDPR Effect - Lawyers Help Companies Prepare for 2018's Biggest Task in Cybersecurity Law" that "GDPR advice has made up '99 percent' of her practice since January.” 

At an International Association of Privacy Professionals conference in London last month, Tobón said, companies "talked about the May 25 date almost like [it was] Y2K, but it's really just the end of the beginning." According to the article, most companies are overwhelmed not only with questions about compliance, but how GDPR will be enforced. 

Tobón said negotiating contracts “seems to be the biggest headache” so far, and are taking longer than expected, due in part to different interpretation or understanding of GDPR requirements.