Jonathan focuses his practice on patent preparation and prosecution, intellectual property licensing and patent infringement defense strategy. He also handles patent portfolio lot analysis, early case and litigation risk assessment, claim charting for directed prosecution, post-Alice subject matter eligibility, and cybercrime and data security issues. His work also includes authoring articles for Shook’s “Cloud IPQ: Enhancing Your Cloud IP IQ” blog that examine the intersection of cloud computing and intellectual property, with a particular emphasis on the impact of patent infringement litigation surrounding cloud-based technologies and cloud computing companies.

Jonathan’s background in applied mathematics and physics enables him to understand his clients' technical innovations and help them strategically establish and protect their competitive advantage in a quickly changing economy. He is responsible for the preparation and prosecution of patent applications directed to a variety of technological fields, including: software systems and infrastructure, analytical forecasting, data mining, e-commerce and payment processing, marketing systems, wireless networking protocols, communications and signal processing, data storage systems, distributed systems, databases, client-server systems, cloud-computing, artificial intelligence and machine learning, neural networks and connectionist systems, network security, encryption, authentication systems, computer graphics and animation, audio engineering, computer music, robotics and mechanical devices. Jonathan has drafted patent applications, claim amendments, office action responses and claim charts for directed prosecution. He has also conducted Examiner interviews and inventor disclosure meetings, and has counseled clients on notice of allowance fees and whether to file continuation and divisional patent applications. 

Before joining Shook, Jonathan was a law clerk for Holmquist & Gardiner in Seattle and a legal extern at Bullivant Houser Bailey in Portland. While in law school, he served as a judicial extern to the Hon. Debra L. Stephens of the Washington State Supreme Court. He also served as a patent extern for University of Washington’s patent portfolio management team, CoMotion, working on patent matters related to electrical, mechanical and aerospace engineering, as well as medical devices and nanotechnologies. Jonathan also worked as a legal intern at cloud-based tax-compliance software provider Avalara, drafting commercial agreements and helping manage their intellectual property. As an undergraduate, he was a teaching assistant in physics for science and engineering majors and tutored students in advanced and applied mathematics. 


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