Jordan focuses on complex intellectual property litigation between competitors in patent law. While he is particularly experienced in the technology underlying telephony and video-on-demand systems, he has also worked with a wide variety of other technologies, including methods for producing athletic garments, systems for monitoring power grids, and methods for encrypting software. Jordan also has experience litigating trademark and copyright infringement.

While Jordan has significant experience at all stages of large, multipatent competitor cases, Jordan’s specialty is distilling the complex issues in such cases into concise and persuasive briefs. Jordan also has significant experience in the courtroom: he has argued claim terms at a Markman hearing, and argued evidentiary disputes and cross-examined a witness in a three-week patent trial. Jordan has conducted and defended depositions at every level (including fact and expert depositions, depositions of C-level executives at Fortune 100 companies, and personal and corporate depositions), and on a broad range of issues (including infringement, equitable, and damages issues). Jordan also has worked on several appeals in patent cases—winning both reversals and affirmances for his clients.

Before becoming an attorney, Jordan served as an Americorps VISTA volunteer with Pro Bono Net and Montana Legal Services. There, he partnered with law firms, national nonprofits and software developers in adapting new technology to provide legal information to traditionally underserved populations. 


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