Aaron defends clients in a broad range of complex matters, including multidistrict litigation and class action proceedings, complex consumer-protection litigation, automotive liability actions, product liability actions, pharmaceutical and medical device actions, complex commercial arbitration proceedings and litigation arising from complex business agreements.

Aaron works on general motion practice, depositions, discovery issues and development of pre-trial strategies. He also has hands-on experience in a courtroom setting. As a law clerk, Aaron participated in all aspects of civil litigation on a daily basis, including regular involvement in discovery hearings, pre-trial conferences, Daubert hearings, temporary restraining order and preliminary injunction hearings, jury instruction conferences and trial.

Aaron represents clients at every stage of litigation, including pre-suit risk management, pre-suit strategy, negotiations and mediation.

Strategy Development. The most effective litigation strategy is one that identifies potential risks before they lead to a lawsuit. Aaron works with clients to proactively identify and help mitigate those risks. If litigation is necessary, Aaron often works with clients before a suit is filed to develop a pre-suit litigation strategy that will best position the client as litigation progresses. Throughout the litigation, strategy is constantly reassessed and adjusted to optimize results.

Discovery.  Aaron works with clients and opposing counsel on all aspects of discovery. The discovery process often involves complex and extensive searches for vast amounts of electronically stored information. Aaron helps clients develop strategies for managing this process and leads teams of attorneys during the review processes. Aaron also routinely conducts witness interviews, deposes adverse parties and expert witnesses, prepares corporate witnesses for deposition and trial, and defends witnesses during depositions.

Motion Practice. Aaron works with clients to maximize the effectiveness of pre-trial motion practice, often receiving favorable rulings on motions to dismiss, motions for summary judgment and motions seeking to exclude testimony and evidence.

Trial. Aaron has served several roles within his trial teams, including as first chair. In one case, he obtained a defense verdict in an automotive liability action. The plaintiffs alleged that an employee of Aaron’s client collided with the side of their car, causing them injury. As first chair, Aaron cross-examined both plaintiffs and conducted direct examinations of his client and witnesses. In a win for Aaron’s client, the court concluded that the employee and the company had zero liability due to the plaintiff’s negligence.