Weston focuses his practice on patent-related aspects of intellectual property law in both the United States and abroad. He develops and implements patent filing strategies for foundational technologies that deserve a creative and practical solution. He also handles patent portfolio analysis, conducts market landscape research and drafts nondisclosure agreements to protect intellectual property rights. In addition, he has experience working with executive committees to align clients’ intellectual property and business strategies by developing domestic and foreign filing strategies, pruning patent portfolios and deciding whether certain technologies should be kept as trade secrets. 

Weston’s background in mechanical engineering and computer-aided engineering enables him to understand his clients’ technical innovations and help them strategically establish and protect their competitive advantage in an ever-evolving marketplace. Before joining Shook, he worked as an intellectual property consultant for TerraPower, a nuclear technology research company. There, he regularly met with and advised the executive leadership team on various aspects of patent, trademark and copyright law. He also assisted in drafting and negotiating intellectual property terms for agreements with Department of Energy national labs, U.S. universities and the China National Nuclear Corporation to further development of advanced nuclear reactor design. Before entering law school, he also had a career in telecom sales and raced bicycles semi-professionally. These diverse, yet complementary, experiences provide Weston with a broad and valuable perspective when providing intellectual property-oriented legal services.