Pat is a trial attorney who helps people and companies resolve difficult lawsuits. Pat defends wrongful death, catastrophic injury and high-stakes property damage claims brought by individuals or large groups who contend they suffered harm after being exposed to toxic chemicals, odors or industrial products (some examples are aerosols, asbestos, benzene, flavorings, fuels, hexavalent chromium, manganese). Pat also represents corporations, limited liability entities and financial institutions in finding solutions to business-to-business disputes and in protecting their rights to tangible and intangible property.

Pat understands that large and small businesses operate in an increasingly complicated climate and that information flow has increased exponentially in the past two decades. The recent expansion of certain liability theories (such as nuisance law and consumer protection acts) coupled with the erosion of long-standing protections (like worker’s compensation immunity) has led to numerous unanticipated lawsuits and an uncertain liability picture. Because corporate decision-makers must look into the future for their businesses to achieve continued success, Pat dedicates himself to resolving a company’s existing liabilities while also striving to reduce the client’s practical burdens and potential liability complications in the future.

To achieve the best business goals, Pat collaborates with the client to outline the most expedient and effective strategy to resolve lawsuits and minimize future liability. Pat embraces case management technology and courtroom presentation software as necessary tools to maximize efficiency and reduce legal expenses on the front end. And he recognizes the critical importance of promptly responding to client telephone calls and requests for information.

Pat appreciates the importance of trying to settle lawsuits outside of court and recognizes that misplaced acrimony between attorneys and litigants does not typically yield the best results for either side of the dispute. But he also understands and respects the critical role that trial advocates and juries play in our society. Pat is the proud son of a sole-practitioner trial attorney. Because of his upbringing around a small law practice, Pat had the rare opportunity to participate in trials and observe juries beginning during his teenage years. From his earlier experiences, Pat learned the importance of understanding the human story at the center of every lawsuit as well as the need for parties to sometime have their day in court.

As a first-chair attorney, Pat has tried and won multiple jury trials in both state and federal courts. Among his jury trial accomplishments, Pat has successfully advocated for a client who lost his company after his business partner refused to honor an oral agreement concerning ownership. He also won a verdict for a company that had suffered significant damages after a state-owned factory in the People's Republic of China had breached a joint venture agreement with the client; and he helped a publicly-traded company recover money from a government authority that had condemned its intangible property interests without paying for it. Additionally, Pat secured a favorable result for a Missouri business in the middle of a trial where a gentleman claimed to have suffered severe injuries from an alleged exposure to harmful products in the workplace.


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