Heather’s practice centers on patent prosecution, counseling and other intellectual property work. She frequently analyzes patent portfolio lots, conducts early case assessment, writes cease-and-desist letters and drafts patents. Her work also includes assisting with litigation risk assessment and cybercrime issues.

Heather’s background in general engineering, which exposed her to a variety of technologies, helps her understand her clients’ intellectual property and assess their patents against competitor technologies. She is especially skilled in bioengineering technology; while earning her master’s degree and bachelor degree concurrently from California Polytechnic State University, San Luis Obispo, Heather researched the viability of utilizing single-stranded DNA as targeting molecules for reusable in-field diagnostic paper microfluidic testing assays.

During law school, Heather developed her knowledge and skills in patents by working with multiple IP teams, including an internship with the University of Washington’s patent portfolio management team and an externship with the in-house patent department of a large semiconductor electronic design automation company. In addition, Heather worked as a research assistant focusing on Food and Drug Administration regulation of biosimilars and direct-to-consumer tests as well as IP protection of genetic-information databases.


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