Brian is a seasoned litigator and trial lawyer with knowledge and experience in all aspects of case investigation, management, preparation and presentation. He has successfully handled cases throughout the country in a wide variety of areas, including commercial and business litigation, consumer claims, tort and personal injury claims, product liability and civil rights. In addition to handling traditional litigation matters in the courts, Brian’s work also includes pre-litigation counseling and resolution efforts as well as pursuing resolution through mediation and arbitration.

Brian has successfully tried cases before judges and juries, but he also recognizes the importance of pre-litigation strategizing and problem-solving and seeks to help resolve disputes before litigation becomes necessary. Many disputes involve long-term and continuing business or other relationships between the parties and less formal processes (such as alternative dispute resolution) can sometimes be the right path. Brian strives to understand these relationships to achieve the client’s desired outcome. He values communicating with his clients throughout the process and always prioritizes keeping his clients informed at every step.

Product Liability. Brian’s practice has included national product liability defense on behalf of major corporations in the tobacco and pharmaceutical industries. He has extensive experience representing product manufacturers in difficult jurisdictions, including several rated as “Judicial Hellholes” by the American Tort Reform Association. He has successfully handled both individual and multi-plaintiff cases in state and federal courts throughout the United States. Brian is a go-to lawyer in high-end, high-risk product liability litigation in historically plaintiff-oriented venues.

Commercial and Business Matters. Brian has handled business disputes from the demand letter through trial in numerous areas, including contract disputes, consumer transactions/sales, warranty claims and coverage, employment litigation and government regulation of industry.

Alternative Dispute Resolution.  Brian is knowledgeable and experienced in the mediation process as well as arbitration (AAA or JAMS).

Civil Rights and Pro Bono.  Brian views the practice of law as a privilege and believes he has an obligation to the community at large to help represent those who cannot represent themselves. As a result, he has taken on numerous pro bono matters including multiple jury trials asserting violations of civil rights by the government, matters involving individuals alleging fraud and discrimination, and providing counsel to juveniles charged with offenses serious enough for the state to seek to try them as adults.


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