Bob focuses on the areas of environmental, toxic tort and other crisis-related litigation. These high-stakes cases often involve large groups of claimants and demand a deep experience in both mass tort and class action law. His practice also includes the defense of lawsuits alleging product defects as well as other traditional tort and business tort claims.

Bob spent the first dozen years of his career in a trial-intensive practice defending physicians and hospitals against malpractice actions filed throughout Missouri and Kansas. His experience in the courtroom is an invaluable asset, contributing to his ability to assess cases and protect clients. 

He also has worked as national, regional and local counsel for clients in a broad range of industries. He works to ensure that each of his clients is given a fair opportunity to communicate, in simple terms, the concepts that are at the center of complex processes. Bob also counsels his clients when circumstances require complicated issue management or strategic planning, for risk management or in preparation for possible litigation. 

Representative Matters

Toxic Tort

Defended and won dismissal for a national waste management company in a series of multiplaintiff federal court actions asserting cancers and other personal injuries were the result of alleged exposure to residual Manhattan Project radioactive waste stored in various areas of St. Louis County.

Defended a specialty chemical company in a Missouri wrongful death lawsuit where the decedent, a former employee, was alleged to have developed leukemia as a result of toxic exposure to chemicals and radioactive materials. After Bob and his team mounted an aggressive causation defense, negotiations led to a dismissal after payment of only a four-figure settlement amount.

Engineered an early exit from a wrongful death lawsuit filed by an Illinois resident alleging toxic exposures to emissions from a nearby chemical plant, which had been owned by three different companies.

Represented a large agriculture and food production client in a jury trial where the plaintiff claimed personal injury and property damage from exposure to the client's agricultural operations and hog farm, securing a defense verdict.

Defended numerous Price-Anderson Act lawsuits, including a putative class action, alleging widespread damage and illnesses due to radioactive exposure.

Class Action and Complex Litigation

Successfully defended and secured dismissal of a national manufacturer and distributor of paints and solvents in five separate Texas lawsuits, each of which had more than 100 plaintiffs who alleged personal injuries based on exposure to, and use of, the company's products.
Successfully defeated certification of a 10,000-home proposed class alleging property damage and physical injuries resulting from odor and emissions from a California landfill.

Defended a large agricultural and food production client in multiple state court cases brought by hundreds of plaintiffs alleging impacts from odor and other emissions from hog farms in Missouri. As a member of the trial team, secured a defense verdict against the most vocal lead plaintiff.

Defended a large religious institution against multiple claimants in approximately 30 cases alleging decades-old incidents of abuse by numerous individual defendants. Ultimately, all claims were successfully resolved.

Successfully defended a chemical manufacturer and distributor in 15 state court lawsuits and a federal class action brought by hundreds of plaintiffs in northwest Missouri. The action involved allegations that exposure to components of a land-applied tanning sludge used as fertilizer resulted in widespread cancers and loss of property values across several counties. After securing summary judgment on all theories in the lead state court case and the federal class action, all remaining lawsuits were dismissed.

Successfully defended and won dismissal for a manufacturer and distributor of chromium chemicals in a medical monitoring suit filed in federal court, which sought certification of a multicounty class of thousands of individuals allegedly exposed to a carcinogen in a fertilizer product.


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