Palak focuses her practice on representing software and telecommunications companies in patent cases and other intellectual property litigation. She drafts motions, conducts legal research and coordinates discovery in actions related to patent infringement, copyright infringement and trade secret misappropriation.

Palak developed her ability to understand complex software concepts from her bachelor’s degree in computer engineering and her ability to explain those complicated concepts plainly from her leadership positions and advocacy work during law school. In college, Palak wrote software code and worked on large engineering projects. Her senior design group created a cloud-based file storage system, and Palak built and maintained the back-end server for the system. She has also designed and produced a printed circuit board (PCB) as a college project.

While working at a patent prosecution boutique, Palak drafted several patent applications involving software for telecommunications and computer operating systems. She has also worked with start-ups developing natural language processing software.


The Best Kept Secret in Engineering: Why You Want a Patent on Your Resume, Society of Women Engineering Annual Conference, Los Angeles, CA, October 2014.