Daniel focuses his practice on patent law, especially patent litigation between competitors. Daniel has experience at all stages of litigation, including drafting and responding to written discovery requests, deposing witnesses, working with expert witnesses, and drafting and arguing motions. Daniel also has experience in the courtroom having argued claim terms at a Markman hearing. He represents national and global corporations involving a wide range of technologies such as software and telecommunications, law enforcement, and life sciences and biotechnology.

Daniel is especially knowledgeable on patents related to molecular biology. Before attending law school, he received a master’s degree in molecular biology from Loyola University-Chicago, focusing his research on receptor mediated effects on important signal transduction pathways and cell migration upon receptor activation with various molecules.

Daniel maintains a pro bono practice, which includes representation of individuals in child custody disputes. Daniel also advises qualifying individuals, neighborhood associations and local non-profit organizations that serve neighborhoods with property, tax, and business entity issues.


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Co-Author, The CXC Chemokine Receptor 4 Ligands Ubiquitin and Stromal Cell-Derived Factor-1α Function Through Distinct Receptor Interactions, 286 J. Biological Chemistry 33466 (2011).