Jon litigates cases involving complex technologies. He has substantial experience in patent and trade secret cases focused on a wide array of technical subject matter, including lithium-ion batteries, pharmaceutical protein formulations, protein purification processes, protein expression systems and auto part manufacturing processes. He also has experience litigating product liability issues in the food and drug industries.  

Clients trust Jon with substantial responsibility. He has argued appeals before two federal appellate courts and has been the primary drafter of briefs in many other cases. Given his science background, Jon is a natural choice to work with technical experts. Jon has taken and defended expert depositions and has routinely worked with experts to distill complex issues and develop litigation strategies. He also has experience taking and defending fact depositions, arguing jury instructions at trial, managing complex document discovery and preparing witnesses for trial. 

Before becoming a lawyer, Jon studied biochemistry and published four papers in the field of biomedical informatics. He also worked as a research and development intern for a Fortune 50 company.