Pat represents clients in a variety of industries throughout the United States in every aspect of pre-trial, trial and post-trial activity. He has extensive, in-depth experience in cases involving complex scientific, engineering and financial issues. His practice spans from toxic tort, product liability, construction and commercial cases, to securities, antitrust and appellate actions.

Pat is highly regarded in the legal community for his unique ability to present complex scientific issues in terms that are understandable and relatable to laypeople. In large multiparty cases, Pat is the go-to attorney for examining opposing experts and developing experts for both his clients and parties with interests aligned with those clients. Pat typically is the lead attorney in examining opposing experts, both in deposition and at trial.

Pat is also highly knowledgeable in the fields of finance and investing. In addition to holding a CPA Certificate from Missouri, Pat has been a successful value and special situations investor for nearly 30 years, and regularly discusses economics and investment trends with widely recognized experts in economics and investing.


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