Nathan is a dynamic and charismatic trial attorney who devotes his energy to serving and defending various types of organizations in complex, high-stakes commercial, pharmaceutical and medical device litigation. Nathan understands—and, more importantly knows how to attack—the evolving, increasingly difficult legal and business challenges his clients face every day. Although the challenges may be similar, he doesn’t use a one-size-fits-all approach when counseling and representing his clients. Instead, he creates a custom-tailored strategy and action plan based on each individual client’s needs, goals and best interest. Nathan ensures that he has a deep understanding of his clients’ business and culture, what makes them tick, their sensitive points and what they ultimately care about.

Nathan has comprehensive experience in all aspects and stages of litigation, from pre-litigation counseling and investigation to serving as lead counsel at trial, mediation and on appeal. His incomparable work ethic and meticulous preparation make him both a formidable opponent and a trusted ally. Nathan adds value to his clients by providing sound and effective legal analysis and advice that fits squarely within the context of their respective businesses and industries.

Before practicing law, Nathan gained more than 10 years of business experience working for multiple Fortune 100 companies in various roles, including sales, advertising, marketing, management, legal compliance and finance. During this time he received a real-world, hands-on education on how successful organizations operate, thrive and sustain. He regularly relies on this invaluable experience when advising, counseling and representing his clients.


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