Talia’s practice focuses on the defense of global companies in complex litigation. She represents Fortune 100 companies in a variety of complex commercial and product liability cases, including hundreds of Engle-progeny cases pending against tobacco companies in Florida state and federal courts. Talia works on all aspects of litigation, including motion practice, hearings, depositions and trials.

Talia has played a significant role on trial teams for several high stakes trials, of which more than half a dozen resulted in defense verdicts. She helps develop and implement all aspects of trial strategy, including opening statements, expert witness cross-examination outlines and closing arguments. In addition to her trial work, Talia also manages pretrial workup and discovery for cases pending in multiple counties in Florida. Through that work, Talia has secured favorable results for her clients, including successfully briefing and arguing summary judgment in Engle-progeny cases.

In addition to her litigation work, Talia has regularly contributed to various publications of the Washington Legal Foundation, including the Monograph, The Legal Pulse and Legal Opinion Letter. Prior to joining Shook, she honed her writing skills as a clerk to the Hon. Gary M. Farmer of Florida’s Fourth District Court of Appeal, where she assisted with drafting opinions.


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