Dunne Analyzes Class Action Settlement in Hydroxatone Litigation

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Philadelphia Partner Debra Dunne has authored an “Expert Analysis” article titled “A Lesson for Objectors in Class Action Settlements” that was published January 27, 2014, by Law360. Focusing on a recent federal court ruling denying a challenge to the settlement of class-action claims relating to the customer-service practices of a beauty-product company, Dunne explains how the objector, the named plaintiff in a rival lawsuit, sabotaged her efforts to control the litigation and to persuade the court that the settlement was unfair.

The takeaways for objectors can be summarized as follows: (1) carefully assess the strength of your objections before filing, (2) seize the opportunity offered to participate in ongoing negotiations, (3) don’t plead what you may not be able to prove and (4) consider the restrictions imposed on courts by general legal principles favoring settlement.