Oot Discusses Microsoft's Language Translation and E-Discovery Tools in Law Technology News

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Partner Patrick Oot authored a June 26, 2014, article in Law Technology News, identifying key trends adopted by Microsoft Corp. as part of its effort to support the multiplatform needs of the legal industry. Titled "Microsoft Shows Language Translation and E-Discovery Tools at LegalTech," the article reports that Microsoft's Assistant General Counsel Thomas Daemen and Senior Director of Business and Technology Strategy for Legal and Corporate Affairs Nishan DeSilva demonstrated a range of new tools at LegalTech West Coast 2014 that seek to make collaboration more efficient and effective. According to Oot, Microsoft has not only taken cues from social media to help legal professionals work together on documents, but has also invested in new translation and e-discovery features for its applications.

“All up, it’s a time of incredible change—both in the technology industry and the legal industry," Daemen was quoted as saying. "And while that’s exciting, it’s also a cause of apprehension for some. I’ve been in the technology industry for more than 20 years, and one of things that’s most striking to me now, is the pace of change we’re experiencing. It’s faster than ever before and it’s accelerating.”