Behrens Talks Garlock: One Year Later with IADC

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Washington D.C., Partner Mark Behrens co-wrote an article featuring the January 2014 asbestos personal injury settlements paid by Garlock Sealing Technologies for the International Association of Defense Counsel (IADC)’s January 2015 newsletter.

Behrens, who co-chairs Shook’s Public Policy Group, recalls when U.S. Bankruptcy Court Judge George Hodges attracted nationwide attention after he exposed “several asbestos plaintiffs personal injury law firms’ efforts to game the asbestos recovery system through widespread ‘suppression of evidence.’”

Although defendants have long suspected manipulation by asbestos plaintiffs’ law firms, the Garlock case provided the first real proof “that asbestos trust claims abuses are not isolated events.”

Behrens sees Garlock as an opportunity, saying “greater transparency between the asbestos bankruptcy trust and civil tort systems is needed to promote justice and honesty in asbestos litigation.”