Martucci Explains Missouri Human Rights Act Decisions

Shook, Hardy & Bacon Partner Bill Martucci summarized several recent decisions in employment law for the March-April edition of the Journal of the Missouri Bar on issues related to the Missouri Human Rights Act (MHRA). Martucci covers the timeliness of allegations, the "contributing factor" standard, the definition of "employee," venue, and arbitration agreement standards in several summaries of recent cases.

"The increasing protection that courts are giving employees is not isolated to Missouri, but rather is a national trend throughout the United States," Martucci concludes. "The age of strict 'at-will' employment has largely passed. Employers now have a greater responsibility to be proactive when addressing potential discrimination claims. In Missouri, the scope of MHRA protections has enlarged in a number of areas as a more expansive interpretation of the MHRA continues to be favored."