Martucci and Mahmoudjafari Discuss Managing Intergenerational Differences

Shook, Hardy & Bacon National Employment Litigation and Policy Practice Partner Bill Martucci joins ImmigraTrust Law Founder and Lead Attorney Najmeh Mahmoudjafari in Law360 to discuss "client-driven strategies" for managing intergenerational differences within the law firm environment. Noting that both law firms and their clients face the same challenges and opportunities when it comes to streamlining intergenerational differences, the article offers specific recommendations for (i) leveraging talent at every level; (ii) developing an accommodating firm culture; and (iii) customizing each client team to mirror client culture. 

"Some commentators note that it is not differences among the generations that cause issues, but the struggle for organizational clout. Baby boomers hold senior positions, which stall associates from rising in the organization," Mahmoudjafari and Martucci remark. "This is particularly unique in law firms as trial experience and established client contacts are important. Conversely, organizations that seek innovation and change, such as technology companies, might have the issue of younger people rising up in the organization quickly, causing older employees to feel that they have failed to keep pace. Regardless of the way that the differences are labeled, as either communication differences or achieving clout in an organization, it is evident that there is a shift in the way that the workplace finds cohesion."