Heinz and Halbur Analyze Proposed California Bill Requiring Disclosure of Ingredients in Cleaning Products

Shook Partner Lindsey Heinz and Associate Bridget Halbur analyze a proposed California consumer product disclosure bill in “Cleaning Product Right to Know Act Appears to be Moving Forward,” in the Daily Journal. California’s Senate Bill 258 would, if passed, impose new labeling and disclosure requirements on manufacturers of all cleaning products sold in the state and would require employers to disclose information about products to employees—such as janitorial or domestic cleaning staff—who use them.

The bill would require manufacturers to provide a list of ingredients, fragrances and colorants included in a “designated trait” list. Chemicals on the designated trait list would include those known to be carcinogenic, mutagenic, teratogenic or neurotoxic.

Passed in May, the bill has already been amended and approved by the state assembly’s Labor and Employment and Environmental Safety and Toxic Materials committees. Opponents of the bill argue that compliance will be expensive and burdensome and may in some cases threaten trade secrets. If the bill passes, manufacturers will be required to comply by January 1, 2021.