Schwartz and Silverman Provide "101 Ways to Improve State Legal Systems"

The U.S. Chamber Institute for Legal Reform has published 101 Ways to Improve State Legal Systems: A User's Guide to Promoting Fair and Effective Civil Justice. Co-authored by Shook Public Policy Group Partners Victor E. Schwartz and Cary Silverman, the report is now in its fifth edition.

Issued in tandem with the Institute for Legal Reform’s Lawsuit Climate Survey, the report is an encyclopedia of civil justice reform. It is a valuable tool for policymakers, highlighting the many options available to improve the legal climate in their states. 101 Ways considers fair and effective measures that would safeguard the integrity of the litigation process, promote rational liability rules, address over-regulation and enforcement, improve product liability law and rein in excessive awards. In addition to presenting and explaining the reforms, 101 Ways summarizes each state civil justice reform bill enacted in the past five years.