Climate Change Lawsuits are "Ineffective Political Stunts," Goldberg Argues

Shook Partner Phil Goldberg has authored an article for The Hill arguing against lawsuits filed by municipal governments alleging businesses caused various climate-change-related injuries. 

“Climate Change Lawsuits Are Ineffective Political Stunts” focuses on lawsuits filed by New York City and several California cities that seek to set limits on carbon dioxide emissions. Comparing the lawsuits to other attempts to use civil litigation to regulate emissions, Goldberg argues that the lawsuits should fail because legislatures are better able to examine all of the factors contributing to and affected by climate change regulations. 

"Progressives should not reflexively cheer these lawsuits," Goldberg explains. "For one thing, people on both sides of the aisle agree that these lawsuits have no foundation in the law and will not succeed. They are solely political stunts."