Over the last decade, the proliferation of indoor mold issues have garnered significant attention in the U.S. media, helping drive litigation alleging personal injury, construction and design defect, and economic damage claims.

Shook, Hardy & Bacon is distinctively positioned to resolve legal problems related to mold and indoor air quality (IAQ). Our lawyers have significant experience addressing complex toxic-tort contamination cases, insurance and recovery matters, government investigations, and technically challenging health and causation issues involving air-quality testing, property inspections, alleged property damage, economic damages models, remediation, and tenant relocation. We have also negotiated with state and federal regulatory agencies on remediation and cost-recovery issues, and represented industries before administrative agencies and private standard-setting organizations.

Shook lawyers have defended class-action claims for personal injury, constructive eviction, breach of implied warranty of habitability, rent abatement, and other economic damages filed by plaintiffs living in large residential or business complexes. We have a proven track record of fighting class certification and resolving these matters favorably for clients early in the litigation.

Our in-house analysts with advanced technical degrees help investigate the multifaceted scientific and medical issues in mold-related cases. They also help identify qualified experts in a variety of relevant disciplines such as engineering, ventilation systems, toxicology, mycology, industrial hygiene and allergenicity.