Business Continuity Program

Shook, Hardy & Bacon is the legal industry leader in developing, implementing and maintaining an integrated Business Continuity Program. Since 1990, Business Continuity has incorporated information security and disaster recovery functions. The purpose of these functions is to continually enhance information protection, reduce the potential of serious business interruptions and ensure timely business resumption. Business Continuity personnel perform business impact analysis, risk/vulnerability assessments, threat studies, security awareness training, and disaster recovery exercises.

Disaster Recovery Program

The Disaster Recovery Program’s primary emphasis is to recover and/or restore critical applications and systems in a timely manner should a serious business disruption occur. To be prepared, more than 100 disaster recovery exercises have been successfully conducted, recovering data and restoring systems. Exercises are performed in the United States and Europe. Data in the United States is replicated near real-time to a state of the art highly secure co-location data center. Data in Europe is replicated within European boundaries.

In the event an office cannot be accessed for an unacceptable period of time, plans have been prepared and arrangements made with area hotels and/or business centers for temporary office space for collaborative work. Select staff will have the ability to work remotely, if necessary during this time.

Information Protection Program

The Information Protection Program is positioned to protect sensitive information and technologies that support Shook Hardy, & Bacon and client business processes. Officially launched in January 2000, this dynamic program is designed to supplement and enhance information systems security measures currently in place. The firm employs a full time staff of certified Information Systems Security Analyst whose primary responsibility is to protect the firm from increased threats from hackers, activists and otherwise malicious intent.

The blend of a defense-in-depth security posture combined with formal information system security standards, policies, processes and procedures along with security aware employees, provides a solid foundation for the firm’s Information Protection Program. Shook has achieved ISO 27001 certification.