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Shook, Hardy & Bacon's Automotive Litigation team represents clients in product liability and tort, class action and complex litigation, intellectual property, heavy machinery and transportation matters, as well as the rapidly developing field of autonomous vehicle regulation and law. We have handled almost every kind of automotive-related claim, and our attorneys are backed by a team of research analysts with advanced degrees in engineering and technology.

Pharmaceutical and Medical Device

Leading pharmaceutical and medical device companies have relied on Shook, Hardy & Bacon to advance their interests in the courtroom and beyond for more than 40 years. 

Digital Health

Shook, Hardy & Bacon takes a holistic approach to the digital health and mHealth lifecycle, providing regulatory, data privacy, and intellectual property counseling as well as antitrust protection, product liability defense and legislative advocacy for the world’s leading innovators.

Food and Beverage

For decades, manufacturers, distributors and retailers at every link on the food chain have come to Shook, Hardy & Bacon to work with a legal team that understands their business.

Animal Health and Agribusiness

Shook’s Animal Health and Agriculture team brings vast experience in litigation and regulatory matters to advocate for those who are passionate about serving the animal health industry.


It’s estimated that U.S. energy demand will increase 12 percent between now and 2040. To meet this surge, energy companies must engage in innovation, savvy protection of assets and dogged advocacy.

Insurance and Reinsurance

Shook, Hardy & Bacon approaches coverage and bad-faith litigation as litigation first and insurance second.

Life Sciences and Biotechnology

We make ‎it our mission to protect our clients’ reputation and bottom line, and we have been trusted to represent companies in this sector for 40 years.

Banking and Financial Services

Shook, Hardy & Bacon can help corporate borrowers and lenders as well as consumer financial service providers with commercial transactions, restructuring and bankruptcy, compliance, and data security concerns. 


Shook, Hardy & Bacon has long provided efficient, adept counsel to some of the biggest and best retailers in the world.

Cosmetics and Personal Care Products

General counsel can expect expert advice from product inception and production to labeling, marketing and potential recalls.

Design and Construction

As the demand for construction ebbs and flows with the global economy, our partnerships with industry clients remain a constant.

Fire Protection and Alarms

We understand how fire suppression and alarm systems work, what causes them to fail and the codes applicable to their design, manufacture, installation and maintenance.

Technology and Telecommunications

Whether launching a game-changing product or protecting your ideas and assets, you require legal advice that positions your company for future growth in a competitive market.

Product Liability

In the realm of product liability defense, few—if any—firms compare to Shook, Hardy & Bacon. We protect your bottom line and your product’s reputation when it is called into question.

Intellectual Property

As brands, processes and data become our new currency, it’s more important than ever for companies to protect and advance their ideas, innovation and ingenuity.

Complex Litigation Strategic Counseling

Mass tort and multidistrict litigation can be a dangerous proposition for defendants. Early strategic planning and strong approaches to foundational pretrial orders can lead to better outcomes, potentially saving millions of dollars.

Privacy and Cybersecurity

With a client list spanning all industries and sizes—from start-ups to 75 of the Fortune 100 companies—we help companies navigate the ever-growing challenges of collecting, storing and utilizing sensitive information.

Business Litigation

From counseling through trial and appeal, our attorneys provide comprehensive experience in complex, multijurisdictional matters dealing with numerous adversaries engaged in business disputes.

Government Investigations and Litigation

Civil and criminal investigations by regulatory agencies into alleged corporate misconduct have skyrocketed in recent years. These enforcement efforts are further fueled by whistleblower lawsuits, congressional scrutiny and media reports, creating a perfect storm for those who find themselves in the government’s crosshairs.

DEI Counseling, Compliance and Disputes

In the wake of increased public interest and debate as to the proper role of companies, boards and other organizations in diversity, equity and inclusion (DEI) programming, messaging and commitments, the business community faces a rapidly shifting new landscape of legal, regulatory and reputational risks related to DEI efforts.


Regulatory, compliance and litigation risks are top of mind for Shook, Hardy & Bacon’s environmental lawyers whose proactive approach to protecting clients’ business interests and avoiding expensive litigation.


Year in and year out, our litigators have handled the toughest cases against the most talented, organized and well-funded plaintiffs’ counsel.


Just as our clients do, Shook, Hardy & Bacon lawyers think globally in everything we do. We have been entrusted by many of the world’s leading companies to help them preserve their ability to manufacture, market and sell products in key markets worldwide in the face of increasing regulation, legislation and litigation threats.

Employment Litigation and Policy

Singled out for its employment successes on The National Law Journal's "Defense Hot List," Shook, Hardy & Bacon's employment litigation team exclusively represents corporate employers—including as national counsel for a number of Fortune 500 companies throughout the United States.

Public Policy

Shook, Hardy & Bacon’s Public Policy Group has over 25 years of experience working to address the civil litigation environment for defendants and insurers by making the legal system more fair and predictable.

FDA and Regulatory Guidance

Shook, Hardy & Bacon offers the complete spectrum of regulatory and litigation services to help clients bring products to market and keep them there. The firm draws on decades of industry experience to solve the complex legal challenges related to product development, commercialization and post-market enforcement.

Related Practices

Business Transactions

With access to attorneys well-versed in corporate transactions, real estate, tax law and estate planning, Shook, Hardy & Bacon can help our clients stay nimble in a competitive marketplace.

Environmental, Social and Governance

Leveraging the depth of Shook’s multidisciplinary capabilities, the firm’s Environmental, Social and Governance Practice helps clients devise creative solutions to address emerging risks and potential litigation in evolving areas such as climate-related lawsuits, labeling issues, supply-chain concerns and securities litigation stemming from statements regarding a company’s ESG representations, as well as issues surrounding diversity, equity and inclusion. 

Art Law

Shook, Hardy & Bacon’s Art Law Practice leverages the firm’s litigation, intellectual property and transactional teams to help institutions and individuals navigate the complexities of the art and cultural property sector.