Effective appellate advocacy demands a particular skill set and experience. Shook, Hardy & Bacon’s Appellate Practice has successfully represented parties in numerous substantive areas, including product liability; intellectual property; contract disputes; mass, toxic and other torts; pharmaceutical and medical device litigation; banking and UCC litigation; insurance coverage; environmental and land use litigation; and in challenges to proposed state constitutional amendments and administrative rules.

Our attorneys have briefed and argued cases before nearly every federal appellate court and numerous state appellate and supreme courts, as well as administrative agencies and military tribunals throughout the United States. Our appellate team has considerable experience in filing extraordinary writs and has played a key role in developing potential revisions to federal and state court rules and, in recent years, has filed amicus briefs on behalf of organizations involved in high-profile appeals that raise significant class action-related policy and public policy questions.

A key component of our success is the strong coordination between appellate and trial counsel, whether one of our nationally-recognized trial lawyers or trial counsel from another firm. Because cases can be lost at the trial level before an appeal is ever begun, our appellate attorneys work closely with clients and trial counsel to formulate appellate strategies, identify and research critical issues, and frame and preserve important appellate issues. We also provide unparalleled trial support by preparing summary judgment and other dispositive motions that involve legal issues likely to be the subject of appellate review, as well as jury instructions, limine motions, jury verdict forms, directed verdict motions, petitions for extraordinary writs, and post-trial motions. Whether part of the trial team from the beginning or added as appellate counsel, Shook maximizes your opportunities for success at all stages of litigation.

National and Regional Counsel

While national in scope, Shook’s Appellate Practice has developed particular expertise and experience in certain jurisdictions. Our regional appellate teams are able to handle your appeal efficiently and effectively in any number of critical jurisdictions, including: