Mercury, cadmium, lead, bisphenol A, arsenic, parabens, nanoparticles. A chemical laundry list that regulators, consumer activists and plaintiffs’ lawyers have targeted for increased scrutiny and a rising tide of class-action lawsuits against companies using them in their products and packaging.

Shook, Hardy & Bacon can help. Many of the world’s largest corporations have counted on Shook for its groundbreaking approach to risk management and litigation support. With access to a dedicated staff of research analysts with advanced scientific and technical degrees, we have developed long-term relationships in multiple industries subject to aggressive regulatory initiatives and emerging litigation threats.

Cosmetics and personal-care products GCs can expect expert regulatory enforcement and compliance advice from product inception and production to labeling, marketing and potential recalls. To protect clients' brands and business reputations, our attorneys also counsel those in the supply chain subject to U.S. Food and Drug Administration regulations.

Full Range of Representation

Shook attorneys counsel clients on product labeling, regulatory compliance and contamination/injury allegations.  As part of our regulatory review work on labeling, we analyze health and other content claims to ensure that they accurately represent ingredient and nutrition information and include proper disclosures.

We regularly counsel manufacturers, suppliers and transporters subject to FDA regulations, ranging from pathogen prevention to facility inspections, product recalls and crisis management.

Our data and discovery strategy lawyers have a proven track record of efficiently helping clients develop best practices for preserving, collecting, processing, reviewing and producing data for discovery and compliance purposes.  The firm has been at the forefront of document management and discovery for more than 30 years.  Many of the strategies we pioneered are now industry standards.

As a leader in global complex litigation since the 1970s, Shook has represented numerous Fortune 500 companies affected by legal actions targeting entire industries.  Our Class Action and Complex Litigation Practice lawyers partner with companies to address their unique concerns and protect their business interests against predatory lawsuits.  For example, our seasoned litigation defense attorneys secured a favorable trial result in the first U.S. lawsuit to allege that asbestos-free talcum powder can cause ovarian cancer.

The firm’s intellectual property attorneys include individuals with diverse technological undergraduate degrees that allow them to effectively address a variety of scientific subjects.  Shook has successfully represented multinational and U.S. companies in trademark, copyright and patent infringement cases.  Our IP Prosecution and Counseling Practice also includes patent agents and patent analysts.

Our proactive approach to strategic issues management helps predict and minimize business risks by analyzing the potential legal implications of emerging issues and future trends.  Focusing on the scientific, regulatory and litigation developments most likely to affect client interests, our attorneys track global trends in an ever-shifting matrix that includes sustainability, corporate responsibility, biotechnology, nanotechnology, global water shortages, immigration, workplace security versus personal privacy, and global dispute resolution.