From identity to product, intellectual property assets comprise the core of most companies. If they are not properly secured, a business can make itself vulnerable to threats against its reputation, profitability and ability to compete.

Shook, Hardy & Bacon secures patents, trademarks and copyrights for clients in the United States and abroad; our network of associate counsel spans more than 80 countries. We cover some of the highest-valued intellectual property in the world, including assets for the following:

  • The world’s leading athletic shoe and apparel company;
  • A global supplier of health care information technology solutions;
  • An international telecommunications provider; and
  • The world’s largest software developer.

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Patent Filing and Prosecution

From startups to Fortune 50 companies, Shook has deep experience filing and prosecuting patents in a broad range of industries and technologies. Our patent attorneys and agents understand the necessity of focusing patent protection on the differentiating aspects of inventions that deliver real business value. Our team members have advanced degrees in biochemistry, immunochemistry, engineering, pharmacology, toxicology, computer software and more, and they have obtained thousands of patents in myriad industries.

Patent Portfolio Strategy and Management

A patent’s value is not found in its certificate, but in its effective deployment. We perform due diligence to ensure comprehensive knowledge of a client’s intellectual property assets as well as its marketplace. We scout potential infringing products and services, identify gaps in coverage, and search for strategic acquisitions and licensing opportunities.

Patent Risk Analysis and “Troll” Response

Shook helps to shield clients from patent assertion entities and non-practicing entities – known as “patent trolls”—by developing strategies to minimize risk of engagement. When demand letters are received, we conduct swift noninfringement and invalidity analysis to develop positions aimed at disposing of patent assertions before litigation commences—saving our clients time and resources.

Post-Grant Strategy

A blend of prosecution and litigation practitioners at Shook leverage patent post-grant options to strategically and effectively manage patent risks independently or in conjunction with co-pending litigation.  With extensive experience successfully instituting Inter Partes Reviews for our clients, Shook has been able to efficiently alter the trajectory of interactions between our clients and third parties.  Shook also leverages experience in Ex Parte Reexamination and Post-Grant Reviews to correct the resulting claims of third-party patents through amendment and cancellation.  As part of a comprehensive prosecution, litigation and post-grant strategy, Shook approaches our clients’ needs with a balanced, effective and innovative mindset that is backed by proven success. 

Strategic Counseling and Licensing

Shook IP attorneys guide clients through all categories of transactions and scenarios, including:

  • Product development agreements;
  • Patent, trademark and copyright licenses;
  • Open source usage, contributions and licensing;
  • Industry standards usage, participation and contributions;
  • Strategic alliances, joint development and collaboration agreements;
  • Technology consulting agreements;
  • Due diligence involving IP asset evaluation; and
  • Settlement agreements.

Trade Secrets

We assist clients in maintaining, protecting and exploiting proprietary trade secrets, including formulas, processes, methods, techniques or compilations such as customer lists—some of the most valuable corporate assets. We address ownership rights between employers and employees, as well as between businesses and independent contractors.

Trademarks and Copyrights

We provide a full range of trademark, trade dress and domain name services. We procure, monitor and enforce trademark rights, both domestic and foreign. In the copyright arena, we represent clients that create, own and manage all forms of content, including computer software, music, film, literary and online works; we ensure they can maximize their value.