At Shook, we treat every case like it’s going to trial. This aggressive approach often leads to wins long before a jury gets involved. And for those cases that do go to trial, our results speak for themselves. 

As plaintiff, we've secured hundreds of millions in jury verdicts and settlements. In 2017, we obtained a $140 million jury verdict for our client—the full damages request, with every claim found valid and willfully infringed. This followed previous verdicts of $30 million and $70 million for that client in other cases. In another case, we won summary judgment of infringement and a privilege waiver that led to $350 million in settlement payments.

As defendant, we’ve invalidated scores of patents—often through strategic motion practice, and at trial when necessary. In 2016, facing damages of over $100 million, we secured a jury verdict of invalidity and noninfringement after a two-week trial in Texas federal court. This followed previous verdicts of invalidity and noninfringement for that same client in another jury trial, along with summary judgments of invalidity or noninfringement in others.

Our results lead clients to return to Shook time and again with their most important intellectual property matters. We’ve had the privilege to represent some of the best companies in the world, including Microsoft, Sprint, Ford, Coca-Cola, Cerner, and Garmin.

For our trial work, Law360 named Shook’s IP litigation practice a “Legal Lion” in 2017. We’ve also been named among America’s Leading Lawyers for Business by Chambers, as Leading Lawyers by Lawdragon, and as Super Lawyers across the country. In additional to patent cases, we regularly litigate copyright, trademark, trade secret, computer fraud, and contract disputes—with successful trial outcomes in each.

We also know that every win is a team effort. To complement our trial lawyers, we leverage the expertise of more than 60 patent prosecutors, patent agents, and Ph.D. analysts. All told, we have more than 100 attorneys and analysts with engineering and computer degrees, including Ph.D.s in electrical engineering, computer engineering and computer science.

Representative Matters


Telecom litigation is a significant practice area. We’ve obtained jury verdicts and settlements totaling over $500 million in the VoIP and data transport areas. On the defense side, we’ve invalidated dozens of patents—including several families of patents relating to managing telephony over the internet.


We represent major electronics companies in cases across the country. We’ve litigated cases involving smart watches, GPS, storage devices, security technologies, and semiconductors.


We regularly represent companies in patent, copyright, and computer fraud disputes. We’ve handled bet-the-company cases for startups, as well as established competitors.


We handle patent and copyright cases in the healthcare field. In 2016, facing a $100 million damages request, we obtained a complete defense verdict, with the jury holding all asserted patents invalid and not infringed. In 2010, in one of the few patent cases to reach a verdict in the Western District of Missouri, we invalidated a family of patents asserted against our client by Philips Electronics. We’ve litigated cases involving health software, medical devices and drugs.


We litigate utility patent, design patent, trademark and copyright cases for many companies in the wearables space, obtaining a defense verdict for Nike in the company’s first patent trial.

Food and Beverage

We serve as trademark and copyright counsel for several of the most valuable brands in the world, recently obtaining a trademark verdict for a Fortune 100 beverage company.

Non Practicing Entities

We regularly defend against patent claims from non-practicing entities (NPEs). Our experience spans many industries, including video games, LEDs, encryption, computer hardware, health care, telecommunications and auto manufacturing. We have successfully defended matters in the notorious Eastern District of Texas, the District of Delaware, the Northern and Central Districts of California, the Northern District of Illinois and many other places popular with NPEs.