Shook Ranked as a Leading Firm in High-Tech Patent Prosecution

Shook is named in the Top 50 Firms for Best Performance in High-Tech Patent Prosecution, according to research performed by Patexia. The ranking is based on detailed studies, including U.S. Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) filings in patent prosecution by applicants. Shook rated most active and most successful in positive outcomes for clients in 2021.

Success, efficiency, activity and quality scores were compared among the top 1,000 law firms in high-tech patent prosecutions, which covers cutting-edge engineering fields such as software, hardware and telecom within industries. 

Patexia is an intellectual property platform that analyzes the performance and activity of law firms representing biotech, high-tech, and overall IP considerations. Shook’s performance is recorded in the organization’s 2022 Patent Prosecution Intelligence Report.