Shook IP Team Secures Verdict in Patent Infringement Case

Shook obtained a $339 million verdict for Touchstream Technologies Inc. in a patent infringement trial against Google. After a five-day trial in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, the jury agreed that all three of Touchstream Technologies’ patents were infringed.

Shook filed the case on behalf of Touchstream Technologies in 2021, accusing Google of infringing three patents used in its Chromecast products. 

The jury verdict was protected when Shook defeated Google’s inter partes review challenges in September 2023, with all patent claims upheld in final written decisions.

Shook attorneys who helped secure the successful result include Partners Jordan Bergsten, Lauren Douville, Ryan Dykal, Gary Miller and Rob Reckers.

Law360 selected the win among the Top 10 Patent Awards of 2023, and ALM picked the verdict for Runner Up Litigators of the Week. Ars Technica, a technology publication, wrote about the outcome.

The case is Touchstream Technologies, Inc. v. Google LLC, No. 6:21-569-ADA (W.D. Tex., July 24, 2023).