Newton Offers Patent and Trademark Advice on PBS Program

Shook Partner Clint Newton appeared on an episode of “Make48,” a television competition for inventors that airs on Kansas City’s PBS affiliate KCPT. Newton spoke to the program about how inventors can use patents and trademarks to protect their inventions.

Patents allow the inventor to protect the actual mechanism—the product itself, the new process or improvement—and it allows them to stop other people from making, using, selling, importing that feature that they’ve patented,” Newton explains. “The trademark, on the other hand, is a source identifier.” He offers examples of identifiers, including a word, a logo, a sound or a shape. “A trademarks allows you to stop other people from marketing their goods or services in a way to confuse people to think that they’re come from you when they’re actually coming from them.”

Newton’s appearance begins at 12:10 and runs through 15:50.