Ask in-house counsel about their litigation short list and Shook, Hardy & Bacon lawyers will be on it. Year in and year out, our litigators have handled the toughest cases against the most talented, organized and well-funded plaintiffs’ counsel.

Our deep bench of seasoned trial lawyers is supported by an even deeper bench of professionals with ‎advanced degrees in the sciences, engineering and a range of technical disciplines. This in-house talent is a proven game-changer whether the matter involves a product defect, infringed patent, toxic tort, or employment or other business dispute.

Shook’s trial teams are equally at home‎ in state or federal court, before mediators and arbitrators, on appeal, and in international tribunals. From individual matters to class actions, complex litigation and mass torts, our litigators are driven to help their clients prosper.

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We don't just try cases. We try the right cases.

Most law firms will do anything to avoid trial. But Shook believes that sophisticated litigation management should provide clients the best available outcomes based on a credible threat of trial and trying cases that should be tried.

We created Coefficient Litigation Management™ to help in-house counsel triage their litigation portfolio, target priority objectives to relieve burdens on their companies, and resolve cases while curtailing future filings. 

Our client-centric model is scalable litigation management for your complex constellation of cases.